The Photographic Alliance and the Royal Photographic Society have reciprocal representation. A Society Trustee is a member of the Alliance Executive. An Alliance Executive member is a member of the Society’s Representatives’ Committee.

The Photographic Alliance (for England, North Wales and Northern Ireland), and separately the Scottish Photographic Federation and the Welsh Photographic Federation are Operational Members of the International Federation of Photographic Art (FIAP). Club members may obtain FIAP distinctions via acceptances and awards in FIAP Patronage salons.

The Photographic Alliance has no direct connection with PSA, but club members may obtain PSA distinctions via aceptances and awards in PSA Patronage salons.

The Photographic Alliance monitors Creative Lives, formerly known as the Voluntary Arts Network, which publishes guidance and advice on various issues affecting arts organisations such as Clubs.

The British Copyright Council publishes advice and guidance on copyright matters which may of interest to club members.