Biennials are Competitions and Exhibitions, each in a particular medium – Colour Prints, Monochrome Prints, Projected Images, Natural History. Within the medium, each country chooses a subject matter theme, and the judging includes an assessment of coherence within the theme. Countries offer to host Biennials which are major events with 500 to 600 photographs exhibited. FIAP Medals and other awards are made to the entrants.

PAGB (excluding SPF, WPF), Scotland (SPF) and Wales (WPF) enter Biennials independently. Each chooses its own theme and has its own arrangements to decide on entries.

The PAGB saves into a fund on behalf of all three FIAP members, and Biennials are hosted co-operatively from time to time. The Colour Print Biennial was hosted in 2015.

PAGB entries into Biennials are shown in the FIAP Biennials albums.
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