FIAP may grant Patronage to International Exhibitions and Salons which meet its standards. Typically over 500 Patronage grants are made each year, including to several events in the UK. FIAP Medals and Ribbons are awarded to winners. Acceptances and awards count towards FIAP Distinctions.

UK Exhibitions and Salons considering applying for FIAP Patronage must be a PAGB Federation or Affiliated Club, and must meet the FIAP Rules, which can be found in the FIAP BOOK which includes many items relevant to Patronage.

  • FIAP Patronage Rules
  • FIAP Patronage Rules for AudioVisual
  • Sanctions Procedure. Sadly, due to the presence of people from many parts of the world who decide to cheat, FIAP has introduced a ‘Sanctions’ policy for those found in breach of their rules.
  • Plaquettes. FIAP may make long-service Plaquette awards to the organisers of Patronage events.
  • Auspices. An event which does not meet the requirements for Patronage may be eligible for FIAP Auspices. Acceptances and awards at Auspices events do not count towards FIAP Distinctions. Applications for FIAP Auspices must be made via the country-specific FIAP Officer.

Applications for Patronage must be made ‘on-line’ via the FIAP Platform, known as the “myfiap” website.

New applications are then automatically notified to the relevant FIAP Liaison Officer ie, PAGB (excluding SPF, WPF), Scotland (SPF) or Wales (WPF), for comments and recommendations to FIAP. The Director of Patronage for FIAP decides whether to grant the application.

FIAP Liaison Officers can provide the chairman of any potential new salon with short video tutorials to enable access to and use of the FIAP Platform as a “Salon Organiser”.