The Awards for Photographic Merit (APM) Advice Service is available to members of PAGB Affiliated Clubs. There is also a private Facebook discussion group HERE.

Before applying for Advice here, you need to meet the eligibility criteria for the APM level you request. You do not need Federation approval of your eligibility: your honest opinion is sufficient. You can apply for Advice to see whether your photographs might meet the standard.

To apply for Advice, complete the form below. The information is sent as an email to the Advice Service organiser and is not stored here. You will receive a copy of the email.

    I am: A member of a PAGB Affiliated Club and eligible for the advice level requested here



    Level of advice requested: BPAGBCPAGBDPAGBEPAGBMPAGB

    My current status: Not yet appliedApplication in progressPreviously failed this level

    My images are: Mainly Not NatureMainly Nature

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    APM Advice Service organiser:
    David Smith,